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What is a Cuke?

A Cuke is a Cucumber Scenario.

CukeHub ~ The Fourth Amigio.

CukeHub is the cuke run repository that keeps all amigos engaged with the cucumber scenarios (Cukes).

CukeHub first and foremost informs everyone what cukes are fully automated and what cukes are not yet automated. In the real world of sortware development, not all cukes can be automated right away in the confines of a single sprint. These are manual cukes that need to be tested none the less prior to a release. CukeHub does an excellent job as a test management tool for these manual cukes. TestBuilds in CukeHub keep a clear audit trail of who tested what, when and where. CukeHub TestBuilds can also be used for managing Cross-Browser manual testing prior to a release.

What are the Three Amigos?

Cucumber is the proper tool for software development teams following the BDD process for building quality software.

Three Amigos refers to the primary perspectives to examine an increment of work before, during, and after development. Those perspectives are:

  • Business - What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Development - How might we build a solution to solve that problem?
  • Testing - What about this, what could possibly happen?

Collaborate and share your results with team members.

Invite teams members and guide them toward contributing to the automated test effort for your app.

Assign pending cukes to manual testers while automation is finished up under the hood.

Get notified when and where you want.

Receive intelligent alerts every time a cuke fails or only when a cuke fails repeatedly.

Expose and target specific areas of test coverage

CukeHub allows you to easily sort and filter results by Cucumber @Tags, helping you to define what areas of your application need additional test coverage.

Local hardware supported by cloud infrastructure.

Tests run in-house with the CukeHub gem utilizing Selenium Grid, personal laptops, or designated automation build machines.

Leverage pre-existing hardware and stop paying for expensive, slow, unreliable 3rd-party test cloud infrastructure.